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Hemp and Chronic Pain Relief

Even before its popularity in the mainstream, hemp has frequently been used for pain relief. Now, increasing studies show that hemp with high CBD has medical validity for soothing pain. 

Current research suggests CBD’s effectiveness in reducing inflammation, mitigating joint swelling, and boosting antioxidants in the body. Because of this, hemp can treat pain stemming from a variety of causes.

High CBD hemp might be effective in addressing pain related to:

  • Certain autoimmune conditions
  • Muscle/body aches
  • Headaches
  • Arthritis

Hemp and Autoimmune Conditions

Some studies show that when introduced to the body, CBD elicits an antioxidant response with certain cannabinoid receptors. This can make hemp a potential supplement to boost immunity and prevent sickness in general. It also shows promise in hemp’s ability to help with certain autoimmune conditions. In recent years, some patients with the autoimmune condition lupus have utilized CBD and seen a lessening of their symptoms. 

Hemp for Sore Muscles and Body Aches

Hemp can also relieve aching muscles and target sore spots. For this form of pain, many people find topical hemp products especially effective. Hemp topics that contain CBD can be applied to the skin, permeating the skin and addressing pain in a localized area, such as a back ache or a sore muscle. Topical CBD is also known to create a mild “tingling” sensation, similar to menthol, that many people report as an enjoyable bonus to soothing pain.

Ingestible CBD-hemp products might also help some people with aches and soreness. With hemp producing such low side effects, it’s easy to experiment with hemp dosing to see what products and dosages can help mitigate pain in various areas of the body. 

Hemp for Headaches

Commonly regarded as a natural solution to anxiety and stress relief, Hemp and CBD can also be used to reduce headaches. Countless studies link hemp usage to a general reduction in anxiety that holds up even against many prescription anxiety medications. For headaches related to stress, this makes hemp a great option. It might even reduce inflammation and swelling in the cranium, helping with pain overall.

Hemp for Arthritis

Hemp is becoming an increasingly popular approach to treating inflammation and joint pain related to arthritis. CBD’s ability to create an antiinflammatory response when reacting with certain cannabinoid receptors suggests its effectiveness in targeting common arthritis symptoms.

Research related to hemp, CBD, and their effects on arthritis is growing quickly. For more information on CBD and arthritis, feel free to visit Silver Rain CBD’s most recent blog.

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